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A disturbing distress call in the middle of the night wakes Matthew Diacrisis up, it's from the staff who've completely lost control of the Excillar Supermax Security Penitentiary in northern Canada, a frightful region full of ghastly blizzards. Are you ready for investigate this unraveled mystery against overwhelming odds? Jump into this 2D Side-scrolling Survival Horror Game and face the outbreak of unrelenting zombie hordes, which eradicated all hope of redemption for the prisoners who now will do anything to escape this dilapidated correctional facility.

  • 5 hours of single-player story mode.
  • A full arsenal of military weapons.
  • Core elements of combat, exploration and puzzle.
  • Brutal traps, deadly conflicts with disturbing assassins and hordes of zombies.
  • Crowd control the hordes of zombies mixing both melee and knife attacks.
  • A complete 2D and 3D visual was performed to bring this title to the highest
    side-scrolling graphical quality ever!
  • Unlock a new level after beat the game!
  • Search to find diary pages and classified files!
  • Embark on a grim adventure to reveal the shocking truth!

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