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Universe 24

Universe 24

Universe 24 is a local highscore style, madness action based, 3d platform game.

On the planet Esaga conflict has erupted after a enormous flying machine has fallen from the heavens.
Here you follow the main protagonist fight attempt, to try and stop the Rimfs greedily plan to gather all the resources from Gimmle, the crashed flying machine.

The story takes place over 6 missions in varying environments, designed to challenge the player in different ways and escalated difficulty.

In skirmish mode you can customize your own fights.

Here you can challenge yourself in many different ways.
Choose Between 7 Maps and Environments.
Each map has a dedicated leader-board, so you can track your skill improvements.
9 Different Gun Modes, With Over 30+ Weapons.
Customize the numbers of enemies and there intelligence to change the difficulty, or simply go unlimited enemy spawns and find out how long you can last.
After every challenge you get presented with statistics from the last played round.

Key Features

  • High tempo action
  • Story mode with 6 missions
  • All of the story text can be narrated, if you so chose to.
  • Customizable Skirmish mode with 7 different maps
  • Quick round restarts
  • 30+ weapons
  • Local high-score
  • 36 music tracks
  • No DRM

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