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Bypass Google Drive Download Limit

Fix Google Drive Download Limit

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ bypass quota google drive more than 15gb

At first, you will be presented with a sign-in option. Just sign-in to Google drive and you will see an Add to Drive option there.
When you click “Add to Drive” option, the file will be added to your Google drive in-a-moment. Then “Open in Drive” option will be available there at the right-upper corner.
Select “Open in Drive” and it will open your Google Drive locker and you will see the entire folder there which contains the actual file.
Now, right click on file and select “Make a Copy” option.
Next, you will navigate to the root directory of your Google drive by selecting “My Drive” option.
There you will find a copy of the original file/folder.


Right-click on it and choose “Download” and then the file download will be started.
Hope, the above article will be too much helpful to you while downloading any necessary shared files from any Google Drive link.

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